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Withdrawing from Care

I value our relationship and your family. Saying goodbye is VERY hard on all of us.


  • Please talk with me personally without other parents around. You can also call me.

  • I require a verbal in person 30 day withdrawal notice DURING BUSINESS HOURS ONLY; M-F 7:30a.m. - 4:30 p.m

  • Upon receiving your withdrawal notice, I will provide you with a final statement, fees will be pro-rated in full week increments. Any tuition balance is due by the next morning, in cash or Venmo. If payment is not received within 24 hours of receiving your final bill, there will be a $25 late fee added, per child / per day.

  • At the time of giving your withdrawal from care notice, your 30 day end of care non-refundable deposit gets applied to the last days of care minus my earned PTO (personal time off).​

It's hard enough to say goodbye - please don't do the following:

  • send a text/email/letter saying you want to speak with me

  • notify me during non-business hours/vacation/time off (you would not want your boss to tell you after hours or on vacation that they are letting you go)



  • I will provide you with as much advance notice as possible. If you in decide to leave before the last date of care that was given, the 4 week / 30 day notice will apply.

  • Upon termination, all tuition, deposits, unused/earned vacation/personal time will be used towards the final days of care.


  • After verbal notice please provide a letter of recommendation that I can use for my website for new families to view

    • Some topics to include in letter of reference may be:

      • the love and care I’ve given to your precious little one

      • Teaching ABC’s, 123’s, sorting, colors, shapes, songs

      • changing stinky diapers

      • keeping daycare very clean and sanitized

      • potty training ease

      • solving tantrums

      • bandaging scrapes and hugging boo-boos

      • being available for late picks early, and early drop offs

      • It's not a glamorous job but it is an important one in helping you raise your little one/s that I adore!


  • I reserve the right to terminate care immediately if I feel that there are safety reasons, custody issues, failure to pay, slander, etc. All pre-paid fees are non-refundable under these extreme reasons of termination.

  • If child is picked up by someone in an impaired condition care may be terminated immediately depending on circumstances. I cannot under any condition put the people in my care in unsafe situations. Any tuition paid at that time is forfeited and non-refundable and any remaining balances are due immediately or $25 late fee per child / per day will be added.

All tuition, registration fees, and deposits are non-refundable. You use it or lose it.

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