Babies Schedules

The first several months of a baby’s life they have their own schedules.  They eat and sleep about every 2-3 hours. Around the 4th – 9th months they are pretty predictable and a schedule will be implemented and changed as necessary due to various circumstances such as: teething, getting over an illness, doctors instructions, growing, etc. To the best of my ability I will update you on the eating, sleeping and bathroom activities of your infant.


FEEDING BABIES: I prepare bottles by warming them in a cup of warm water.


DIAPERING: Your child will be changed as necessary and always immediately after a bowel movement.


The changing area is separate from the eating area, on a washable area and sterilized after each changing.


I use a pair of clean gloves with each child and wash my hands after each changing.


I practice all sanitary methods in changing children and dispose of the diapers immediately in a plastic bag and outside.