COVID 19 changes

Your child's health and safety is my number one concern. I did not have a sick child from January 2020 thru May 2021. We were able to stay extremely healthy due to our practicing of healthy habits.

CDC and Health Department suggestions at this time:​

  • Parents drop off and pick up outside at the door

  • Text me when you arrive and I will meet you at the door.  (CDC and Health Department want to limit the amount of people coming in and out)

  • Bring lunches in a 1 or 2 gallon size zip lock bag with a ice pack

  • I can not accept car seats, diaper bags, anything other than shoes, and a jacket if necessary. I provide a blanket and snugly stuffed animal that is theirs to stay in their cubby until nap time and gets washed weekly.

  • All baby bottles must come already prepared in a bottle with a ice pack in a gallon size bag

  • Temperatures will be taken several times a day

  • Fevers over 99.9/100 will not be able to return until fever is gone without fever reducing medication

  • ANY fresh gooey green runny nose, consistent cough, fever, other symptoms will require child be picked up immediately

  • If you or your little one have been directly around someone with Covid please keep your little one home until a negative test comes back. If someone in your household has Covid your little one must stay home for 2 weeks.

    • Tuition rates still apply. This is my livelihood, it is how I pay the bills to keep the daycare open. Employers are required to pay employees if they are out due to Covid.

  • If anyone at home is sick for any reasons, children must stay home and not return to my care until 24 hours after symptoms have subside