COVID 19 changes

Because of the recommendations from the CDC and Health Department these are the following changes until further notice:

  • Your child's safety is my number one concern.

  • I am very happy to say that in 17 years during the usual yearly cold and flu season the children in my care have never been healthier. There have been no runny noses, coughs, sneezes, vomiting, fevers, etc. Parents have been very good about keeping anyone home away from others if there is even a suspicion of an illness.

  • Parents drop off and pick up outside at the door.

  • You can text me when you arrive and I will meet you at the door. (CDC and Health Department want to limit the amount of people coming in and out)

  • Bring lunches in a 1 or 2 gallon size ziplock bag with a ice pack

  • I can not accept car seats, diaper bags, anything other than shoes, and a jacket if necessary

  • All milk must come already prepared in a bottle with a ice pack in the gallon size bag

  • Temperatures will be taken several times a day

  • ANY runny nose, cough, fever, other symptoms will require child be picked up immediately

  • Child must stay home until 48 hours after last symptom

  • If anyone in the house has been exposed to Covid19 all children must stay home until test results come back negative

  • If anyone at home is sick for any reasons, children must stay home and not return to my care until 48 hours after symptoms have subsided