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Sick Policy

SEE Covid policy


If your child is ill or terribly uncomfortable to the extent that it interrupts the care of others or endangers the health of the other children, it will be necessary for you to make other arrangements for their care until they have recovered and back to normal.


I respect the need to be at work. However, when it comes to an ill child, consider the following when deciding if your child should stay home: 


  • How would you feel if your child was here and well, and another child was here with the symptoms your child has that could give them to your child?

  • Also more importantly, ask yourself, would your child be more comfortable in their own home snuggled up with mom or dad or grandma/pa or having to participate in the normal routine of childcare?

sick toddler

If anyone in your home has any of the following symptoms, and have stayed home, your child has most likely been exposed. It is best that your child stays home as well, so that everyone at daycare has a better chance of staying healthy. It is better to be cautious than be sorry later and potentially exposing others to an illness that would create a closure. 


My guideline for NOT providing care is if your child has one or more of the following:


  • ANY potentially contagious illness

  • fever of 99 (with other symptoms)

  • 100+ stay home for at least 24-48 hours after the last fever

  • diarrhea 

  • pertussis / whooping cough

  • excessive coughing due to illness

  • excessive green runny nose

  • strep throat

  • pink eye

  • bacterial meningitis

  • chicken pox

  • hepatitis A

  • rheumatic fever

  • infestations: lice, scabies, fleas,

  • etc


If your child has one of these symptoms mentioned, they may not return until at least 24-48 hours after symptoms have disappeared naturally without medication, and are 100% able to participate in a normal day. Doctor’s recommendation for most illnesses is 24-48 hours after a fever has broken, vomiting and/or diarrhea is gone, or 24-48 hours after first dose of antibiotic.


My concern is always that a sick child receives any necessary medical attention as soon as possible. In all of my years of experience I have seen some unbelievable illnesses, what seemed like nothing was pretty serious. This has taught me to be cautious. If, in my estimation, a child is not receiving the medical attention needed, I WILL DENY CARE!!! Many viruses and bacteria can lead to very serious and potential life-threatening problems when left untreated.



A letter from your doctor MAY be requested stating the 4 following items:

  • they guarantee the child is not contagious

  • they guarantee it is ok to safely return to childcare and will not be exposing others to an illness that will create a daycare closure

  • details on what the “treatment plan” should be while in my childcare

  • Doctor's name and phone number, so that if I have questions, I can call them

I exclude for symptoms not for diagnosis. If a doctor says it's just teething and they have a fever, I can't take chances of it being something else. There is no way to guarantee it's ONLY teething and nothing that will spread to others. 

A doctor's note is for ruling out potential serious issues and possible diagnosis. It is NOT a ticket for attendance.

I have other children to protect and myself. If I'm sick, we all suffer. 

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