Sick Policy

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I respect the need to be at work. However,  when it comes to an ill child, consider when deciding if your child should be at home, that you give consideration to the other children in my care.  Ask yourself; how you would feel if your child was here and well and another child was here with the symptoms your child has that could give them to your child? Also more importantly, ask yourself, would your child be more comfortable in their own home snuggled up with mom or dad or grandma/pa or having to participate in the normal routine of childcare?


If your child is ill or terribly uncomfortable to the extent that it interrupts the care of others or endangers the health of the other children, it will be necessary for you to make other arrangements for their care until they have recovered.

sick toddler

If someone in your home has any of the following symptoms, and especially have stayed home due to symptoms such as: vomiting, fever, cough, diarrhea or are very sick or has anything contagious, your child has most likely been exposed. It is best that your child stay home as well in order to secure everyone staying healthy. It is better to be cautious than be sorry later and potentially exposing me and others to an illness that would create a closure. Keeping children home whom are ill, allows me to stay healthy so that I can stay open and be available to care for your healthy child.