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Daily Schedule

Example of daily activities for the school year.

Morning Play

  • The kids are getting settled in for the day

  • Put their belongings in their cubbies

  • Choose one of many interactive toys



  • Alphabets, numbers, shapes, colors, story time, word recognition, job chart, weather, songs, practice writing name, numbers, crafts, cooking projects.

  • Small & Large Motor Skill Activities

  • Babies sleep 30-45 min during this time

Interactive Experiences

  • Interactive experiences - small and large muscle activities:

  • creative movement

  • exercise time

  • outside play (may depend on weather)


  • See Menu...

  • Clean up toys, wash up, eat

After Lunch

Use restroom / change diapers

Wash Up

Lay out nap mats

Rest / Nap

Quiet Time Activities for non-nappers

Can lay on nap mat quietly and read books or other quiet activities



Put naptime bedding away

Restroom / diapers changed

Snack time


  • Playtime until parents arrive

  • saying goodbye to friends until the next day

  • Have a wonderful night!

After hours

  • Prepare for the next day

  • cleaning

  • sanitizing

  • grocery shopping

  • lesson plans

  • Note: Schedule can change depending on the needs of the day



  • Summer schedule varies.

  • Times and activities may vary depending on the ages present each day.


  • Activities are planned accordingly and are always updated and adapted to fit each individual day.

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