2021 - 2022 School Year CALENDAR OF EVENTS


Post this page where you will remember the following dates. Parents should have their own backup childcare. Closures are also posted in 5 places; the handbook, the monthly calendar on sign in book, your sign in sheet, hanging up by sign in book, and your monthly tuition statement. (subject to change with advance notice given)


SEPTEMBER  Labor Day - Monday September 6th

OCTOBER       Columbus Day - Monday October 11th

NOVEMBER    Veterans Day - Thursday November 11th

                       Thanksgiving - Wednesday, Thursday, Friday 11/24-11/26

DECEMBER     Christmas Break - Friday Dec 17th - Friday Dec 24th

                       New Years Eve - Friday December 31st


JANUARY      Martin Luther King - Monday January 17th

FEBRUARY     President's holiday - Monday February 21st

MAY          Memorial Day - Monday February 30th

JUNE             Juneteenth - Monday June 20th

JULY              Independence Day - Monday July 4th

SEPTEMBER   Labor Day - Monday September 5th

OCTOBER       Columbus Day - Monday October 10th

NOVEMBER  Thanksgiving - Wednesday, Thursday, Friday 11/23-11/25



I follow the Marana Unified School District school calendar for any closures related to EMERGENCIES or WEATHER ONLY.  There are no makeup days for emergency closures.  https://www.facebook.com/maranaschools


If the website states Late Start I will be open but depending on severity of weather I may be delayed in opening and will text parents for updates. I am open normal schedule for teacher professional days, conference weeks and summer break.  School staff see modified schedule under teacher page information.


If I need to attend funeral services, I may take up to a week of paid leave. This is an unusual circumstance and is not part of the vacation/personal time. In 17 years of caring for families I have never had to take time off for a funeral.


My vacation/personal time off (PTO) is accrued 1.5 days per month for every one enrolled, and is used throughout the year. Unused days carry over into the next year’s contract if not used. Any and all unexpected closures for any reasons will use up vacation/personal time first.

Providing childcare is my career choice. I take my career seriously. I am not a babysitter. I take very little time off after being available to families for up to nearly 60 hours a week. I take professional trainings each year to stay current. Employers provide paid vacation time, sick leave, family medical leave, 401K, retirement packages, bonuses, health insurance, etc.  Vacation/personal time is all I have to help me stay fresh and available to care for children. My rates are pro-rated to reflect my time off.


Table Patti 3.jpg


In the example above


  • Exhibit "A": Vacation/Personal Time Off (PTO) - August, September and October, each month accrues 1.5 days. Equaling 4.5 days

  • Exhibit "B": The 4.5 days transfers over to the right

  • Exhibit "C": Carryover from previous year - Days are carried over if there are any left in your contract from previous year. Which in the example display is zero

  • Exhibit "D": Training & Deep Clean Days 2. This is for if there is ever a need to completely clean the daycare under an emergency outbreak. I have only had to close on 2 occasions in 17 yrs. These days do not carry over

  • Exhibit "E": 1 PTO day used on 9/1/21

  • Exhibit "F": example for this billing year 6.5 days.  PTO 4.5 earned to date,  deep clean days 2, personal day -1 (9/1/21) = 5.5 days left of PTO days