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Frequently Asked Questions

Drop off & Pick up: Please text me when you arrive. I will greet you at the door. 

During COVID I started door drop offs per the CDC recommendations of slowing the spread. It has actually turned out to make the day smoother for many reasons. Just before COVID I had a dad dropping off coughing and sneezing (and not covering his mouth/nose just letting it all fly). He said, "oh I feel so horrible I think I'm sick. I'm going home and going back to bed." My thought yikes buddy thank you for just spreading your germs everywhere and with us. Then COVID hit and door drop off / pick ups began.

Reasons why door drop offs / picks ups will always stay - it just makes the entire day much smoother for everyone.

  • Kiddos transition much easier when parents drop off quick and not linger

  • Transitions are easier on your child and others at drop off if you give me the details I need to know, give a big quick hug, say I love you, and I will see you this afternoon. If you linger the child will "perform" and the tears will get louder and bigger. It makes my task of morning transitions much harder the longer they can try to make you stay and watch.

  • Kiddos show off in front of other adults. I've had kids act like monkeys and smack their head on something because they were showing off for other adults. 

  • Yes your child is SAFE!!!! I provide a daycare that is comfortable, clean, well stocked with a range of age appropriate toys. These provide for a safe and enjoyable environment for your kiddos each day. 

  • I work with the kiddos to hit their age appropriate milestones.

  • Almost every child I have cared for views the arrival of a parent as a "free pass" when you drop off or pick up. Please make every effort in making sure your child doesn't "run wild" when you drop off or pick up. Although I completely enjoy visiting, sharing important details about your child's day or other issues, if your child's behavior becomes too disruptive, it may be easier to discuss things over the phone. 

  • It is much appreciated to stay on the sidewalk and driveway. Please don't let your child run on the rocks and thru the landscaping. I've seen too many plants and landscaping items break by the kids running wild.

  • If I allow a parent inside other parents will think they are allowed to hang out as well. Pick up time the majority of parents just want to pick up and get home after a long day of work. 

  • Hanging around outside causes a cluster and other parents arriving will have nowhere to park. Neighbors are not fans of having parents park for too long in front of their house. That is why I encourage when you arrive that phone calls are ended down the road and pick up happens quickly so the next parent can pick up. I have to keep a good relationship with the neighbors so that I can keep providing care. If they complain too much I don't want to have to close.

What does the registration fee go towards:

  • paperwork processing $1000

  • broken toy replacement $2000

  • replacing misc broken items $2000

  • activities $250, art supplies $1000

  • equipment $20-$3000

  • nap cots $250

  • chairs $450

  • pack n plays $1000

  • Kleenex $250

  • toilet paper $350

  • cleaning supplies $500

  • CPR & first aid certified $150

  • fire extinguishers inspection $150

  • water purification inspection $150

  • background checks $1000

  • special supplies $150

  • yearly folders $150

  • curriculum $1500

  • new sheets $150

  • new blankets $150

  • new pillows $150

  • yearly training $250

  • misc. supplies $20-$1000







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