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"Contracted Care"

I provide "Contracted" care based on your employment hours and childcare needs. I am available for you during the hours we discussed during our interview.

Children that are here before or after your child have per-arranged a different schedule and pay a different rate.  As a matter of privacy, I only discuss a families' contract with that family.  My rates are based on a 8-9 hour work day. Anything beyond 9 hours has an additional fee.

Additional Time Required

My business hours do not reflect the additional hours I spend daily in preparation that is necessary in providing quality childcare.

  • Yearly training classes

  • Keeping all toys cleaned and disinfected

  • Additional requested paperwork

  • Purchasing of supplies

  • Grocery shopping meal planning

  • Parent communication

  • Etc.

Hours of Operation

I am not available OUTSIDE your contracted time, unless pre-arranged ahead of time.


I am not available while you go shopping, make doctor’s appointments, do personal errands, etc. that would make your child be here outside of our contracted hours. I do have names of babysitters if you need them. Please be respectful, as I have appointments and errands to do after hours as well.

Change of Hours

If it becomes necessary that your childcare needs change due to work hours changing please discuss this with me. We can work out a new plan so that your little one can stay enrolled in my childcare and avoid having to make a new transition.


I require a 30 day notice for changes in hours/rates to go into affect. Tuition statements are made by the 20th and can't be revised until the following statement.


If an arrangement is made to open early and you do not show up or you are consistently late a charge of $20 will apply for each late drop off. If late drop offs continue we will need to discuss another drop off plan.

Please notify me the night before if you will not be arriving early.

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