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Medical Emergencies

If your child has a minor injury while in my care I will evaluate the injury and give appropriate attention to the injury. I will use soap and water, hot or cold packs, Band-Aids, sterile pads, and cotton in caring for the wound.


If it is something that will not respond to simple first aid, I will contact parents, guardian, or your other emergency contacts. You or the other person will need to decide what should be done.


All injuries are recorded and an injury form is filled out by the provider/me for you to sign.


911 will be called immediately for all serious injuries and licensing will be notified. First aid will be applied until medical help arrives.


As much as I would like to, if an ambulance ride is necessary, I will not be able to go with your child in the ambulance, as I will need to stay and care for the others in my care.

In case of accident, or injury occurring to your child, medical expenses are the responsibility of the parent or guardian.

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