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Small Heading

Text me when you arrive. I will greet you at the door.


I want to be open and available to you to care for your kiddo. I don't want to close because I am sick or there are a majority of other kiddos sick.


Parents need to work. When I'm sick because kids are sick it's difficult to stay open. Parents are requested to drop off and pick up at front door which limits the amount of people coming in and out. Which limits exposures to germs. This policy has kept me and the kiddos MUCH healthier. You'd be surprised at the number of adults that don't cover their coughs or sneezes! The less we are exposed to that the more we all stay healthy!

If a parent were to come down with Covid and they were in the house, I would have to close because of the direct exposure we would have.

In the morning I take your little ones temperature and use hand sanitizer for children 1+ years old.

Please see COVID-19 under the Home tab for more information.

Morning Drop Off DEADLINE

In order to stay in our routine and schedule it is most helpful for all kiddos to arrive no later than 8:30am. 


It is a process to get each child settled into the morning. If a child's routine gets off by coming in late, they feel it, and it can get everyone all worked up which throws off the entire day. It's like walking into a party late, no one likes to walk in late and try to figure out their place.

Morning Drop Off:

Have your little one go potty before leaving the house, the bathroom at child care may be occupied when they arrive. By the time they get to arrive the urgency to go can be so great they have an accident on the floor. That's a rough way to start the day. 

Diaper & Clothes

Please drop off child in clean clothes and a clean diaper. A diaper that has been slept in overnight can make a huge mess.

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Food & Breakfast

A good nutritious breakfast is served from 7:45am-8:015am.

Infants - I can give them a bottle within 30 minutes after arrival. Their morning may be easier on them to eat before if you think they can't wait.


Please don't allow your child to bring in poptarts, McDonalds, etc. It makes the other children upset, and makes for a negative start to the day.


We practice good table manners and sitting at the table while drinking and eating are taught and expected. Walking around with food is not a great habit and makes a huge mess on the floor, toys and walls. Encouraging these habits at home are appreciated. 

Healthy Morning
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