Each day is scheduled around your child’s attendance


  • I wake up early in order to be ready for your child

  • Meals are prepped just for your child

  • I may have had to hire my assistant to help out


In the event that your child will arrive more than 15 minutes late or be absent, PLEASE call, text or email me ASAP at anytime day or night. Your child may be the only one in attendance that day.


If you don’t show up that means I could have gotten a few more winks of beauty rest.


I do not accept children after 9am. Children need time to transition into the morning they know the routine at my home and they love to stick to it.


If they arrive late they miss out on pre-school activities, playtime, story time, etc.


Keeping with a routine is very important for young children.


(unavoidable doctor appointments are the only acceptation)