• Original signed contract paperwork. Please make copies for yourself before returning paperwork

    • Childcare contract (4 pages)

    • Emergency contact information

    • Immunization form – Licensing requires you personally fill this form out completely and sign it

    • Tell me about your child

    • Copy of medical insurance card

    • Copy of drivers license

  • One complete change of weather appropriate clothing

  • Infants/Toddlers - diapers, baby wipes, special creams or ointments

  • Tuition & Registration fee: All tuition, registration fees, and deposits are non-refundable. You use it or lose it.

    • Tuition for the month beginning with the first day of care (once this is received your child care spot is secured)

    • Registration fee  (due every year in July)

  • Deposit equal to 4 weeks / 30 days of care. It is possible to break this up into a few payments if needed. The 4 weeks / 30 days deposit will be applied to the final 30 days of child care upon graduation/moving/etc. minus vacation/personal time left of the balance.

  1. Bring your child clean, bathed, dressed and ready for the day.

  2. Please have them go to the bathroom at home before you leave. If they don't it is possible accidents happen within the first 20 minutes of arriving because they couldn’t make it to the bathroom in time or perhaps someone else was using the bathroom.

  3. Child’s play is messy work. Your child will be doing activities or eating messy foods that may stain nice clothing. I put bibs on but if they tear them off and don't want to wear them I am not responsible for clothing getting messy.


  • Daily formula / breast milk in bottle/s made and ready to go with with child’s name on it. Put in gallon size zip lock bag with ice pack

  • Baby food / food and any necessary baby snacks

  • Lunch in a 1 or 2 gallon size zip log bag with a frozen ice pack

DONATIONS (not required just suggestions)
  • A ream of white copy paper

  • Costco disinfectant wipes

  • 30 OZ bottle of Hand Sanitizer

  • Spray can of Lysol disinfectant spray

  • A large boxes of Costco snacks: some favorites: Annie’s Bunny fruit snacks, big box of goldfish, fruit leather, fruit snacks, dried fruit, apple sauce packets, kids cliff bars, veggie straws big bag, hummus, etc.


I am not able to hold a spot open for you. We can discuss this further if you have a particular circumstance. I have an operating budget and depend on filled spots to meet the budget so that the daycare can stay open. The weekly rates reflect all costs included to run my business on a daily basis and stay open.


First time enrollment: please print and fill out all forms

Returning families: Fill out page 3 & 4 of the Annual Contract and return every May 31st

Returning families: If there are any changes please update the appropriate Annual Contract forms. IE. new address, new doctors, change of employment, change of insurance agents, new people to add to the pick up list.


Please download the forms below, fill them out and return ASAP

Annual Contract
Authorization Form