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I will hold your child's spot for the upcoming school year 

I won't charge you full time rates for 10 1/2 weeks

because I am not charging you full time for the summer break... 

  • I'm NOT available to care for your little one during Fall, Christmas and Spring break

  • I follow the MUSD school calendar for any school closures (link below)

  • I AM available to care for your little one on teacher professional days

  • I am closed all Federal Holidays 

  • Contract's go from 1st date of school reporting to last date required 

  • I require that August’s non-refundable tuition be paid the last business day of May. This guarantees that your little one’s spot is held when care begins again for the upcoming school year

  • Some teachers need care because they teach summer school. If this applies to you let's talk about the details

  • I require that you pay $50 a week during the summer break. Your child may attend 1 day a week. (details on times and dates available will be announced towards the end of the school year) More days of care are possible if needed. 

    • Benefits of bringing your little one in the summer: 

      • keeps them in a routine

      • it is not such a long break for them which makes the transition back to full time easier

      • gives you a chance to get some errands done during the day without little ones 

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