Teachers – I follow the NTSD school calendar. Meaning, I am closed all dates on their calendar EXCEPT teacher professional days and summer.


Monthly tuition stays the same each week throughout the school year, from September - June.

I require that September’s non-refundable tuition be due the last business day of May. It will be deposited the last business day of June. This guarantees that your little one’s spot is held when care begins again for upcoming school year.


You do not pay the full-time rate in the summer to hold your child’s spot, in exchange there is no care available during Thanksgiving, Christmas & Spring Break.


SUMMER CARE: I will hold your full-time spot for 11 weeks during the summer. In order to hold your full time spot I require you to pay $70 for 2 days a week during the summer. You are welcome to bring your child Tuesday, Wednesday OR , Thursday 7:45am-2:45pm. A 3rd day is available if needed. 


Bringing your little one 1-3 days a week in the summer helps

  • keeps them in a routine

  • keep them comfortable being in my childcare

  • it is not such a long break for them

  • gives you a chance to get some errands done during the day without little ones under foot