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HOSPITAL INFORMATION: In case of an emergency if necessary, your child will be transported by ambulance to the nearest hospital, and you will be notified of where.


DISASTER PLAN: This childcare home has taken reasonable steps to avoid additional hazards in the event an emergency may arise.


EMERGENCY CONTACT:  In the event we have to evacuate the children to another area we will head to the nearest police department, Marana Police Department 11555 W Civic Center Dr, Marana, AZ 85653, (520) 382-2000.

EMERGENCY PROCEDURES: Earthquakes, Fires, Lockdowns, Shelter-in-Place, ETC.

  • a whistle will be blown to alert everyone of the emergency

  • Licensee or Primary Staff will evacuate all children when it is necessary.  Walkers will hold the hand of staff and staff will carry non-walkers.

  • Staff will take first aid kit, children’s medication, and sign in book to take roll call to account for all children. Also coats, umbrellas, and shoes.

  • They will follow planned evacuation route and meet at the fence in the driveway.

  • 911 will be called.  Group will stay together safely until staff / emergency response arrives and finds the childcare safe to return.

  • We have battery powered radio for receiving emergency information.

  • We have battery powered flashlights in the event of a power outage.

  • We have an alternate heat source in the event of power failure.

  • Communication with parents will take place as soon as possible after the immediate danger is over so that all parents know what took place.

  • We do monthly fire, earthquake, evacuation drills and quarterly lockdown drills.

  • Fire - All caregivers know how and when to use a fire extinguisher

  • Lockdown or Shelter-in-place Lockdown or Shelter-in-place Doors and windows will be closed, locked and blinds drawn. Children will stay safely in a secure room until the police or official emergency response agency notifies the Licensee/staff in charge that it is safe to leave the facility or be outdoors. Parents will be given an update at the appropriate time.

  • Earthquake Everyone will be instructed to get under the tables and away from glass for safety. All caregivers know how and when to shut off natural gas and electrical panels. Caregivers will inspect the premises and when it is determined safe children will be instructed when they may leave the covered area.

  • HAZARD MITIGATION: This childcare home has taken reasonable steps to avoid additional hazards from the result of earthquake by securing:

  • The water heater attached to the wall. High furniture, hanging plants, heavy picture frames are attached to wall studs. Latches are on necessary cabinet doors to keep them closed. Heavy objects are on lower shelves. All smoke detectors are tested monthly and batteries replaced 2 times a year.

  • PREPARED SURVIVAL: In the event your child must be housed here for an extended amount of time during a disaster situation. There is a 3 day supply of food, water, clothing, and medications required by individual children. If your child is on long term medication you must provide extra doses for storage

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