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Tuition, Fees & Providers Time Off PTO

I accept Zelle or cash. If marked as a business payment there will be an extra charge.


I don't post rates online because everyone's needs are different.  Rates range between $50-$200 depending on how many hours and days you need care.



In order to keep my business open, I run each day on contracted hours. That means I am not available open to close for your family. When you enrolled you filled out the form stating what your days and hours of care are needed. 


Prior to drop off on the last business day of the month, tuition is due in full, or care may be denied or terminated immediately (depending on the individual circumstances). Tuition statements are emailed and billed for the upcoming months. Most months have 4 weeks, a few months have 5 weeks. You pay to secure a spot for your child not for attendance. That means no credits given if your child is out due to illness, vacations, etc. A registration fee of $100 will be billed yearly. I do billing for the upcoming month by the 10th of each month. If there are revisions needed there is a $100 fee.


If tuition is not received on due date, a $25 late fee will be added per child, per day until fee is paid in full.



I require a 30 business day end of care non-refundable deposit collected upfront. I can divide it into 2 payments. We can discuss this further, if you need more time. The deposit will be applied to the final days of childcare upon graduation/moving/etc. minus any fees accrued and providers unused earned PTO. 

Withdrawing from Care | Patti's Childcare from Care Withdrawing from CareWithdrawing from Care (



I follow the Marana Unified School District school calendar

Calendar | Patti's Childcare CalendarCalendar (


Teachers & School Staff Calendar & Info | Patti's Childcare & School Staff Calendar & Info Teachers & School Staff Calendar & InfoTeachers & School Staff Calendar & Info (


There are no makeup days for emergency closures.

If the school district website states Late Start I will be open but depending on severity of weather I may be delayed in opening and will text parents for updates. I am open normal schedule for teacher professional days, conference weeks and summer break.  School staff see modified schedule under teacher page information.


If you consistently drop off earlier than your scheduled time, with no approval beforehand, there will be a early drop off fee. If you need to change your hours, we can discuss any necessary changes.


If we have made arrangements for you to drop off early and you are a NO SHOW or are later than our arrangement, we will need to discuss the adjustment of the drop off time. 


If we have arranged a special late pick up there is an extra fee for the extra time. I am pretty understanding when picking up late due to emergencies.


I love and adore every kiddo I care for, but my time is valuable, and I have places to be after hours. If picking up late becomes frequent, a $20 minimum late fee and a $1 per minute per child is charged.


If I need to attend funeral services, I may need to take time off. It will be deducted from the emergency days built into the tuition rates. 


My vacation/personal time is accrued 1.5 days per month for every one enrolled and is used throughout the year. Unused days carry over into the next year’s contract. Any and all unexpected closures for any reasons will use up vacation/personal time first. I have 5 emergency Bereavement/Deep Clean Days included in the rates. This is to cover having to close for a bereavement or a serious outbreak that requires hours of sanitizing and cleaning. 


Accounts that are delinquent and not paid in full within 2 days will be filed in Small Claims Court. You will be liable for all fees associated with Small Claims Court: daily late fee per child/per day of $25, collection costs, Patti’s childcare operation costs for court appearances, document preparation fee of $350, court costs, all attorney fees, interest on all fees of 10% is accrued daily, loss of daily income due to court appearances, and any other related expenses in the event of payment default. 

  • Unconditional love and nurturing of your child

  • Dependability, Security, Safety

  • Small, home-like, positive atmosphere with one-on-one attention vs. a large center environment

  • Nutritious snacks

  • Daily communication about your child’s day

  • Preschool Program that promotes learning through play

  • Arts and crafts supplies

  • Toys, games, puzzles, books, supplies, equipment, outdoor toys, etc.

  • Potty training assistance

  • First Aid supplies

  • All supplies needed for our fun themed parties that we have throughout the year. You are welcome to bring treats on holiday celebrations

  • Teacher Trainings:

    • CPR/First Aid certification

    • Early childhood education 

    • Child development classes

    • Background checks

    • Yearly training, etc.

  • Cleaning supplies: Kleenex, toilet paper, etc.

  • Utilities: electricity, heat, water, garbage, gas, etc.

  • Furniture: wear and tear, cleaning, replacing, repairing, etc.

  • Nap time supplies: nap cot and playpen replacements, bedding

  • State licensing fees, city licensing, fire department inspection, water purification inspection, fire extinguisher yearly replacement, etc.

Providing childcare is my career choice. I take my career seriously. I am not a babysitter. I take very little time off after being available to families for up to nearly 65 hours a week. Employers provide paid vacation time, sick leave, family medical leave, 401K, retirement packages, bonuses, health insurance, etc.  Vacation/personal time is all I have to help me stay fresh and available to care for children. My rates are pro-rated to reflect my time off.

All tuition, registration fees, and deposits are non-refundable

 You use it or lose it

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