Tuition & Fees

I accept payment by check, cash, or Google Pay. Make check payable to Patti Julagay.

Tuition is due in full the morning of the last business day of the month for the upcoming month. Most months have 4 weeks there are 3 or 4 months that have 5 weeks. All tuition is non-refundable you use it in that month or lose it. You pay to hold a spot for your child not for attendance.


If payment is not received by the next morning care may be denied and / or childcare may be terminated immediately and all fees due are due in CASH or google pay within 24 hours. A $25 fee will be added per child per day until fee is paid in full.


Any NSF fees from checks not clearing must be paid immediately in cash. If NSF payment continues to be an issue this may be cause for immediate termination of care and all end of contract fees are due at that time.  


TAX INFO Patti Julagay, 6917 Prism St. SE, Lacey, WA 98513. TAX ID # 68-0595146.


I require a 4 week / 30 day deposit. A payment plan is available if needed. The deposit will be applied to the final month of child care upon graduation/moving/etc. minus vacation/personal time left on balance.


All tuition, registration fees, and deposits are non-refundable. You use it or lose it.

Extra Fees
  • I am pretty understanding when picking up late due to emergencies. But, if picking up late becomes frequent, a $20 minimum late fee and a $1 per minute per child is charged

  • $10.00 per hour for drop-in

  • In the extreme if fees are not paid, you will be liable for all fees associated with Small Claims Court, daily late fee per child of $25, collection costs, Patti’s childcare operation costs for court appearances, document preparation fee of $350, court costs, all attorney fees, interest on all fees of 10% accrued daily, and any other related expenses in the event of payment default.
  • Early drop off - if you consistently drop off early with no notice if your drop off time is different than what we originally discussed there will be a early drop off fee. If you need to change your hours we can discuss this.


  • Unconditional love and nurturing of your child

  • Dependability

  • Small, home-like, positive atmosphere with one on one attention vs. a large center environment

  • Nutritious snacks

  • Daily communication about your child’s day

  • Preschool Program that promotes learning through play

  • Arts and crafts supplies

  • Toys, games, puzzles, books, supplies, equipment, outdoor toys, etc.

  • Potty training assistance

  • First Aid supplies

  • All supplies needed for our holiday, birthday or other fun themed parties that we have throughout the year

  • Teacher Trainings:

    • CPR/First Aid certification

    • Early childhood education conferences

    • Child development classes

    • Background checks

    • Yearly training, etc.

  • Cleaning supplies: Kleenex, toilet paper, etc.

  • Utilities: electricity, heat, water, garbage, gas, etc.

  • Furniture: wear and tear, cleaning, replacing, repairing, etc.

  • Nap time supplies: nap cot and playpen replacements, bedding

  • State licensing fees, city licensing, fire department inspection, water purification inspection, fire extinguisher yearly replacement, etc.

  • to name a few...