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What Parents Say...

Patti’s Childcare has been a wonderful place to grow with over the last seven years. We had two wonderful little boys with Patti and it was a blessing to have such a small, loving and personal place to know that our children would be safe and loved during the day.


We enjoyed knowing that our children would be cared for by the same people every day and would be able to have a loving bond with their childcare provider.

Kayleen S.


"Patti cared for our daughter, Avaleis, for three-years during her toddler years.  Patti was calm, loving, and organized.  Because Avaleis had a very empathetic spirit, it was important for us to have her with a calm and loving caregiver.  Patti soon became an essential part of our lives. 


Once Ava started kindergarten, she would insist on visiting Patti just to say hello and hug her.  That was a unique experience for us as none of our other children ever cared much for their previous caregivers.

Our family, and Ava, would highly recommend Patti’s Childcare.  Her family and home-life are a wonderful alternative when you yourself cannot stay home with your children.  

This year, our oldest daughter had her first baby.  He, too, is now attending childcare with Patti. There is no greater testament to GREAT CARE than having the next generation choose Patti over any other childcare provider.  Thank you Patti!


Alicia P. & Avaleis

My kids were in Patti’s care for seven years and absolutely loved it.  Patti has been like a second mother to my kids and they adore her and still request that we visit.  When we first placed my daughter with Patti I was a typical nervous first-time parent and Patti did a great job of reassuring me and making sure I had the information I needed.  Over time it was clear that she loved my kids and would keep them safe.  There were two emergency situations during my kids’ time with Patti where the local schools went on lock-down and Patti followed the proper safety procedures and made sure parents were aware of what was going on throughout each incident.


Both of my kids entered Kindergarten already knowing most of what was taught throughout the year and I have Patti to thank for that.  The lessons my kids learned in her care prepared them to excel in school and in life, and I know that she is partially responsible for the amazing people they are today.

Meaghan T.

Our son was in Patti's wonderful care from the age of 5 to 15 months, until we moved. He was surrounded by a loving environment and was so happy to see Patti everyday. Patti has a very clean, organized, and loving home for her children. As a school teacher, I was specifically searching for an in-home daycare that demonstrated organization, cleanliness, and children who were taught an understanding of expectations and structure.

While educational exposure is important to me (which Patti provides also), I was most interested in my baby being surrounded by love and a structured environment. I found Patti's daycare to be just that! We feel so fortunate to have had Patti's love and care for our child.

Nicki C.

I had my youngest daughter at Ms Patti's. I liked having her in a home environment that felt like family. Ms Patti's daily schedule and learning activities helped my daughter get ready for kindergarten. I also loved how she communicated with parents with her knowledge of child development.

Jennifer G.

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