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DSHS Information

UPDATED July 2017 - I no longer accept state assisted families due to new licensing codes



Co-pays are due on the last business day of the month for the upcoming month, and paid as mentioned in the Tuition section.


I require a month deposit up front before childcare begins.


If anything has changed in your DSHS childcare assistance status, it is your responsibility to inform me immediately.


If you have been taken off of DSHS assistance you are expected to pay the full tuition fee immediately or childcare coverage will be terminated immediately and all fees are due within 24 as mentioned in the Tuition section.


According to DSHS, childcare is only meant for your child while you are working. Therefore, I am not available to watch your child if you are taking a day off, you are sick, you have other appointments, etc. If DSHS requests any records at any time, there will be a $100 per hour paperwork fee you must pay immediately, in cash. DSHS can go back up to 7 years of records and require payment. 

If contract is broken, childcare will be terminated immediately and you are liable for payment equal to one-month childcare tuition and my remaining unpaid vacation time. Accounts that are past due are sent to collections. If failure of payment a Small Claim suit will be filled for collection of fees. You will be liable for all late fees, interest at 10% per 30 days, collection costs,  childcare operation costs for court appearances, document preparation fee of $350, court costs  and reasonable attorney fees in the event of payment default.

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