I am excited that you chose Creative Beginnings Patti’s Play-School & Childcare for your child’s early learning, development and education. For nearly 15 years I have provided loving care for many wonderful families that I am still in contact with regularly. Most questions you have are found answered throughout my website. If you see something that needs more clarifying please let me know.



Your child will be in a nurturing family atmosphere with a normal daily routine. A quality loving childcare is the best place for a child with working parents.  I provide “extended family care”. Your child will be in a nurturing family atmosphere with a normal daily routine. As an educator, childcare provider and parent, it is my hope that your child will have many positive learning experiences while here in my care until it is time for them to graduate out.



Benefits to in-home childcare:
  • More one on one attention

  • Individual care

  • No high staff turnover

  • Tuition is more affordable

  • Lower amount of children in care

  • Individualized pre-school program

  • A quarterly assessment of your child’s progress

  • A very clean environment

  • Positive attitudes

  • Children are very well behaved

  • Your child is exposed to positive influences

  • Your child is less likely to have constant colds and illnesses



Children learn best through play. Learning and growing are very important aspects to a child’s daily activities. Children will discover that there are different ways to learn. Some learning styles may be easier for them than others. They will be exposed to all types of styles. The opportunities your child will experience while in my care are:

Social Development Skills: 
  • Language skills    

  • Communication skills

  • Interacting with various age groups

  • Social skills

  • Everyone has their own feelings

  • Not everyone likes the same thing

  • We all deserve respect

  • Manners are very important in how we treat one another and is a way we show respect to others and ourselves Small Muscle Coordination:  


Small Muscle Coordination: 
  • Music and movement   

  • Dressing skills

  • Weaving, braiding, and sewing skills

  • Puzzles

  • Table blocks

  • Sorting, stacking, nesting

  • Crawling and climbing

  • Outdoor play

  • Balancing and swinging

  • Learning to toss beanbags in the hole

  • Throwing, catching, kicking and batting

Discovery Skills:
  • Water play

  • Sand play - sifting and digging 

  • Playdough fun

  • Cooking

  • Exploring with crayons 

  • Exploring with washable markers

  • Discovery senses

  • Science explorations

Basic Concept Skills: 
  • Numbers

  • Colors

  • Shapes

  • Letters

  • Opposites

  • Matching

  • Classifying

  • Spatial Relationships

  • Sequencing