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In the example above


  • Exhibit "A": Vacation/Personal Time Off (PTO) - August, September and October, each month accrues 1.5 days. Equaling 4.5 days

  • Exhibit "B": The 4.5 days transfers over to the right

  • Exhibit "C": Carryover from previous year - Days are carried over if there are any left in your contract from previous year. Which in the example display is zero

  • Exhibit "D": Training & Deep Clean Days 2. This is for if there is ever a need to completely clean the daycare under an emergency outbreak. I have only had to close on 4 occasions in 27 yrs. These days do not carry over

  • Exhibit "E": 1 PTO day used on 9/1/21

  • Exhibit "F": example for this billing year 6.5 days.  PTO 4.5 earned to date,  deep clean days 2, personal day -1 (9/1/21) = 5.5 days left of PTO days

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