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Weather and Emergency Closures

Closures related to weather that cause the Marana School District to close, then I am closed.


Late Starts I will be open but depending on severity of weather I may be delayed in opening and will text parents that morning.

Please check the following places for updated information:

  1. ​Marana School District website

  2. Marana School District Facebook page -

  3. Check my childcare facebook page Patti's Play-School & Childcare

In the event of a natural disaster my childcare may be closed. If a natural disaster happens while your child is in my care, your child's safety and comfort will be my primary concern until you can arrive safely to pick them up.


If for some strange reason severe weather keeps you from picking up on time my late policy will not be implemented until 20 minutes after your scheduled pick up time. I will assume you will do your best to pick up your child and not be shopping, getting your nails done etc. Otherwise my late fee will be implemented immediately.


There are no make up days or refunds for closures due to severe weather, power outages, or natural disasters, etc.

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