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December 5, 2016

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December 5, 2016

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The 16 Most Surprising Things About Being a New Mom

May 11, 2019

Motherhood is full of surprises. Especially if you've never done it




Most first-time moms go into motherhood with expectations. What they'll be like as a mom, how they'll feel and even what baby will be like. But your idea of parenthood and the reality being a parent will likely be two very different things.  Baby cries won't bother you. Poop won't make you sick.


The truth is in the first weeks you'll learn a lot about yourself and being a parent.  Take it from the moms in the WTE community; they got to talking about the things they learned about their babies, themselves and the ways your idea of motherhood and even yourself can change once baby arrives.


1. You Won't Be as Easily Embarrassed
"I have severe social anxiety, but when my boy is hungry that all goes away. I’ll whip my boob out and feed him in a store, restaurant, church. I don’t care." — emmariee
2. You Won't Mind Diapers
"I didn't realize that I wouldn't mind changing his poopy diapers or how often babies ate." — faerielan
3. You Won't Actually Be Trapped in the House
"How I manage to get out of the house and do things with him. While the first few times were hard, I’m getting the hang of it and noticing he really likes to get out and explore with me." — mags724
4. You Will Become a "Baby Person"
"I didn’t expect my mom instincts to kick in. I’ve never been a baby person, and honestly, I’m still not. But with my boy, it’s so different. I love everything about him, and I feel like it’s coming naturally." — emmariee
5. That Baby Snuggles Are Even Better Than You Imagined


"I didn’t know how much I would love baby cuddles. They’re the best. I can just hold him on my chest all day and be happy." — emmariee


6. That You'll Still Be The Same Person 


"I thought that I was magically going to turn into somebody else, and it was terrifying me. Nope. I'm still the same,  just with an adorable little human that I love more than I thought possible." — MollyJackx


7. That They're Noisy Sleepers



"I couldn’t believe how much noise a newborn makes when he or she is sleeping. My baby girl snored worse than my grandpa." — Cristina74


8. That You'll Feel Protective
"I didn’t know how protective I would be. I hate when anyone besides me and my husband hold him. I just watch them like a hawk." — emmariee
9. That Babies Poop. A lot. 
"I didn’t expect him to poop so much. He’s breastfed and poops all day, every day." — emmariee
10. That Life Will Change, But For The Better