Morning Drop Off:

Have your child go potty before you leave the house. By the time they get to child care the urgency to go can be so great they have an accident on the carpet or floor which makes for a rough way to start the day. The bathroom may be occupied by another child and, "I gotta-go now" just may not work.

Food & Breakfast

Breakfast is at 7:30am. If you don’t think your child will last until then give them a snack at home.

Infants - I can give them a bottle usually within 30 minutes after arrival. But to make their morning easier on them please feed them before if you think they can't wait until they are settled here.


Please don't allow your child to bring in poptarts or McDonalds. It makes the other children upset, and makes for a upsetting start.


If your child walks in with food in hand they will have to take it to the table immediately.


We practice not walking around with food. Thank you Eating at the table makes it easier to keep the floor clean. 

Diaper & Clothes

Please drop off child in clean clothes and a clean diaper. A diaper that has been slept in overnight can make a huge mess.

Morning Drop Off Timing

I have planned and scheduled each day according to each families need for care. If you will not be here please let me know within 20 minutes of your usual drop off time.