2 (to be filled out yearly)           


Patti’s Pre-School & Childcare 6917 Prism St. SE, Lacey, WA, 360-402-9793, pattischildcarepreschool@gmail.com


Full Name of Child:                                                                                            M or F                                                                   



Full Name of Child:                                                                                            M or F                                                                   





DAYS AND HOURS OF CARE:  I am available for you the hours we discussed in our initial visit. The hours of care needed are based on your working hours. There is an expectation that there is roughly a 15-30 minute travel period to and from your place of employment. Due to scheduling it is very important that you drop off and pick up the hours you write below so that adequate care can be given to all children enrolled in my childcare. Extra hours may have an extra per hour charge. The hours I need care for my child are:  Monday                                Tuesday                              Wednesday                           Thursday                              Friday                

                      _____________            _____________                     _____________                 _____________                ____________


The hours you have listed above do not reflect your quick stop at the grocery store or another errand that may cause you to be late. Continual disregard of your pick up time may result in a late fee of $20 and a $1 per minute per child and will begin at 1 minute past pick up time. If a child is left here significantly after closing and I am unable to contact a parent or those on your emergency list, I may need to place a call to Child Protective Services. Like yourself, I too have a busy schedule with my own family and we have evening activities and commitments that we must be present at. I don’t mind the occasional few minutes late within reason. I won’t charge for that, but be aware I will probably ask you a few times to pick up early so that I can get to an appointment early. A degree of flexibility goes both ways. J Thank You

Part Time Care is anything less than 5 days a week, less than 4.5 hours a day. Part time takes up a full time space and is due to availability. Price varies depending on days/hours/age that is needed. The rate applies until the end of their birth month.




covers all early release days, non-school days etc

  • Registration Fee standard paperwork $100 per child

  • Registration w/ additional paperwork $150 per child

  • Any extra paperwork that is requested for this childcare to fill out will require a $50 per hour charge. (with a minimum charge of $25)



We agree to pay a WEEKLY or DAILY rate of $______________ .  We the parent/guardian understand that because childcare operating expenses remain constant regardless of absences for childcare, there are no credit adjustments to the weekly amount due for times when my child is absent due to family vacations or illnesses. This is an individual contract based on my own families childcare needs between us and PATTI JULAGAY. We enter into this childcare contract and are in agreement, this date ________________________________, 20________, between PATTI JULAGAY, PATTI’S PRE-SCHOOL & CHILDCARE, and my/ourselves­­­_______________________________ parent/s of _____________________________. This contract expires when I give a 30 day notice at that time all fees are due (see withdrawing from childcare in handbook).

*Upon enrolling our child we agree to the terms in the handbook/contract/and ENROLLMENT REQUIREMENTS paragraph. If I break this contract, childcare will be terminated immediately and we, will be liable for payment equal to one month childcare tuition/unpaid vacation time/and terms in the supplemental contract. Accounts that are past due are sent to collections. If it becomes necessary that we, the parent’s/guardian’s are taken to Small Claims Court by PATTI JULAGAY of Patti’s Pre-School & Childcare, we/I, will be liable for all late fees, collection costs, Patti’s childcare operation costs for court appearances, document preparation fee of $300, court costs  and reasonable attorney fees in the event of payment default.


    Print & Signature of Mother/Guardian                 Date                       Print & Signature of Father/Guardian                       Date      



Print & Signature of Provider                                                Date                           




IF AN EMERGENCY HAPPENS OVERNIGHT and I can’t be open the next morning should I? (circle one)

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